At Blue Bubbles Spa we use only all natural hypo-allergenic shampoo products. This insures that your dog has no discomfort or irritation during their stay. If you have a special snack you prefer them to have due to dietary restrictions or otherwise, please bring them when you drop your pet off.

Blue Bubbles Deluxe Treatment

Our Blue Bubbles Deluxe Treatment includes everything you would want for your pet's day at the spa! After drop off, your pet will be taken into our customized air-conditioned mobile spa where we will start by giving your dog a full bath and blow-dry. After your dog is nice and clean, we move on to the grooming process. Our lead groomers use a combination of three types of scissors and clippers to accomplish the perfect look. We then move on to nails. We use either a grinder or nail clippers depending on the pet's needs. Then we brush your pet's teeth and clean tear stains from their eyes. Finally we give their coat a full brush to make sure all excess hair is removed.

We price our services based on the weight of your pet.

  • Delux | Over 50 lbs (60 min) - $145
  • Delux | Under 50 lbs (60 min) - $110
  • Express | Over 50 lbs (45 min) - $110
  • Express | Under 50 lbs (45 min) - $87

Our Deluxe & Express services are priced based on the services rendered and the time it took to perform the services. Additional charges may apply for extra time.

Our Services:

  • Dematting - $50
  • Extra Time | 30 minutes - $30
  • Furminator | Over 50 lbs - $50
  • Furminator | Under 50 lbs - $50
  • Flea Treatment - $50
  • Nail Trim - $20
  • Teeth brushing - $20
We accept all Credit Cards :

Our Products:

  • Flea shampoo
  • Skunk shampoo
  • Perfume