About Us

We love dogs and I mean REALLY LOVE DOGS!! We have adopted six dogs in our family, five of which were rescues. Meet two of them on the left! Monster (black chihuahua) and Chanel (white toy poodle), but don't get the wrong idea. Our dogs have come in all shapes and sizes including a boxer, a golden retriever and a rottweiler named Angel! We know you love your dogs! That is why at Blue Bubbles Spa our goal is simple; to offer excellent services and competitive pricing to our customers.

Why us?

Blue Bubbles Spa's priorities are to take care of your pets without your having to drive out into traffic!

You don't need to worry about leaving them in a noisy kennel. We will be right outside! All you have to do is drop them off during the time of your appointment and we’ll contact you five minutes before your pet is ready! Our staff takes pride in each and every pet and treats them like we would our own. We make it fast, convenient and easy!!

Your pet deserves our luxury Blue Bubbles Spa service. Just call us and make an appointment today!